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How to Prevent a Bitcoin Husband’s Prevented Attack

This is my concern about the safety of Bitcoin hardware wallets. I understand why each complete word 'Mnemonic' is used instead of a private key 🔑 composed of meaningless characters. BTC Wallet

But, no matter how low the probability, I was uneasy about how to prevent a random brutal attack if I only used a certain combination of specific words.

However, I just discovered that we can random passphrase to BIP39, which decreases the success chance of a random brutal attack from 2^128 to 5.9*10^197. Ok, this cannot be solved even with a supercomputer.

If your hardware wallet supports the passphrase function in addition to BIP39, and you are using this function🔒, you can sleep comfortably without worring anymore.

You bitcoin is safe. 😃

we can 'add' random passphrase 😆

well laid out on this site:

Can BIP-39 passphrase be cracked ? – Coldbit – The Most Durable Bitcoin Cold Wallet
This post is based on this twitter thread.


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