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Bitcoin Price Decline In A Decade?

BTC Sunday update:

Is this another move in threes?

Remember that we called the local top 21.5k and local bottom 15.5k thanks to the 3 taps pattern.

We also have confluence with the liquidations (see image n.2).

A move between 17.4k and 17.8k before retracing to low 16k

You'll understand the psychology of this move with the 17th Nov post.

It's playing out...

✅Stop hunt to sweep the lows, market is depressed for new lows

✅Reversal to 17k-18k to induce retail the belief that bottom is in so they provide liquidity

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This is the current "before and after" from the Sunday's update posted 2 weeks ago.

It's intereting that the local top would match with the current liquidations chart.

We'll see if it plays out or not...

SPX is in a potential rejection zone in the weekly chart.

This is a very important zone in the chart. Pay attention to it.

Another "before and after" so you have some context.

I might be wrong but that is my take.

I'll wait to see what Monday brings us as it's usually a false move day.

I've noticed several stop hunts since Thursday that, in principle, mean that Market Maker is building his shorts.

My plan is always to jump on their trades🧐

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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