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8 Thoughts On CeFi Threatening Crypto?

How is CeFi Threatening Crypto?

In this Twitter space hosted by @DefiPodcast, @RhettShipp @CanuckLink @RushPat_ @M0xrrissey & @JFSaine get together to talk about BlockFi, WBTC, WETH, BTC Security model & more.

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Thoughts on @BlockFi

•BlockFi lost around 80M.

•FTX stepped-in to save BlockFi before the FTX incident.

•Both BlockFi & FTX owe each other money.

•It was believed that BlockFi owed money to Alameda. 1/

•Alameda pressured BlockFi to deposit customer assets to FTX after the bailout.

•BlockFi was so much worse than DeFi. 2/

Thoughts on @Nexo

•A lot of speculation is that they are next to be insolvent.

•People are questioning how Nexo can afford to pay out a high percentage of yields.

•A lot of people were surprised that Nexo did not go down. 3/

Thoughts on @kucoincom

•KuCoin is offering 300% APY on some assets & people are raising red flags. 4/

Thoughts on early days of BTC

•A lot of very early miners were selling BTC for pennies & when they saw the growth of BTC price, they left the space & never came back. 5/

•A lot of early people in the space that are in the industry since 2013 would’ve sold BTC at 10-20 each. 6/

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