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Forget Bitcoin, Digibyte and Get Started Again

1 Im a Horticulturist at heart, a "plantsman" if you will. It has been my profession for over 20 years. It has earned myself a good decent living and instilled my life with pride and accomplishment. Nursery production, designing and growing I enjoy

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2 In Oct of 2010 I order 2,500 of Ginseng seed to plant and grow in my woodlands. I bought the same amount every year thereafter. It was great fun and something that takes a decade to see through. After 6 years I had a solid forest floor of knee high plants that totaled 3 acres

3 It was beautiful. Also time consuming. It took at minimum a day and a half a week to maintain during the growing season and required one whole week in the winter to plant. The first step is to clean up the undergrowth and low limbs which makes a forest look wonderful by itself

4 After a few years the low canopy of the ginseng would close together and you would have a carpet of green that floated 18" off the forest floor. In year five during late summer each plant would produce a golf ball sized berry pod which added to it's appeal.

5 Not only was this aesthetically appealing and zen like to be present in, it was also potentially very profitable. Each of my ginseng roots could fetch 7.5 on average and required 2sq ft of space.

1 acre=43,560sq ft÷2 = 21,780 plants By 2017 I had totalled 4 acres planted


Quite the nice little side gig and especially for doing something you loved. I was 3 years away from completely harvesting my first planting and then each year thereafter harvesting each subsequent crop.

I was already selling a few older ones fresh to individuals online.

7 In late June of 2017 it all had never looked better ànd at this point my small clientele was growing too. They began to call me in anticipation of what I may be able to offer.

Then it happened.... It began to rain and rain it did. For 10 straight days. Almost 24/7 it seemed.

8 Phytopthora is viscous plant disease that has gone by many names in the past. "Black Shank" is its name in the tobacco fields. In the horticulture industry it is "Root Rot". Its also responsible for the Great Potato Famine of the 1800's.. That June it found it's way to my woods

9 It spreads through water flow across the ground and by spores released into the air from infected plants. A sloped hillside draining of water throughout 10 days of solid rain was exactly what it needed to do its job efficiently. By the 4th of July, 95% of my work was destroyed

10 I can't explain what it's like to lose seven years of so much time and monetary investment. It was gut wrenching but there was nothing I could do. The forest floor was barren with only little black twigs then. A few still remained here and there but nothing in comparison

11 My steep sloped woods grew ginseng very well but I discovered an issue I had that could of prevented but I needed different land. Gentler sloping, different soil structure, more easy to use equipment on and mechanize the maintenance... 2 hours per week instead of two days


In 2020 I found that land and purchased it. Although my plans had gotten sidetracked then due to Charlie Victor One Niner. Last year I began to prepare

and this winter I will dive in and will begin again. It's strange. I've lost a little of myself in the past couple years


My work is what its always been. Managing crews, designs, scheduling and executing projects. That is business though, it's not what I would say that I love to do...Planning these things for myself is what I "love" to do. In the recent time of me diving back in it's been great

14 I've forgotten what it was really. My time in the last 2.5 years has been focused on investments, cv19, negative propaganda, fiat debasement and how to prepare,what to support, which ultimately has led me to Digibyte. Not many years ago I was at peace in the forest but unaware

15 I'll go back to that place I once was but there are other things to see to for now as well. Hopefully everyone here can find that place they were meant to be that brings them the most peace. I also hope you enjoyed my little thread. It was fun putting this all into words


The thing that does stand out in my mind. If instead of buying those seed in Oct of 2010 had i just bought Bitcoin at 20¢ with that 2,500🤦‍♂️😂... So now i'll stack away my Digibyte and Rune and give it another 10 or 12 years..✌️

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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