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Photographers Creating Multiple Passive Income Sources

Photographers, Videographers and creatives!

Are you struggling to create multiple passive sources of income? Here are some ideas that might benefit and grow your business. (Cover image by @zacwhiteee )

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1. Selling digital goods; this could be NFTs, E-books, etc.

2. Sell an online course. Many creatives have great value to share on the industry and their experience in their field. Sharing an online course is a great way to create something once and benefit from it in future.

3. Stock media. Envision, for example, rewards 100% of the profits from every sale to the creative. List your media once and continue to profit from it.

4. Selling your presets. You already create your own presets, listing these for sale helps boost income.

5. Selling prints. Your photography can be turned into beautiful wall art for your customers by simply printing existing photos and listing them for sale.

6. Blogging. Selling your IP, blogging on your website drives traffic and may open you up to sponsorships

Let us know if you have any other forms of passive income we might have missed!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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