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Crypto Market: Calm before the Storm?

The week began with a slight strengthening of the crypto market due to positive from the US Federal Reserve and a weakening of anti-covid measures in China. The market is quietly fixing above 17200 and there are chances to draw a green candle on the weekly chart. 1/4 btc crypto

ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI data will be released today at 15:00 GMT. If the data comes out above expectations, it will weaken the dollar and accelerate growth above 18000. If it will be released below expectations, we can go down to the 16000 area again. 2/4

Data within expectations or a slight deviation, then we can count on a lateral movement and a smooth upward movement. All these data are very important now, as the market is full of negativity, investors are ready to enter the market, 3/4

but the market lacks positive at the moment. When such data appears, we can see quite strong movements.

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