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#Web3 Poll – Does Nick Szabo Want to Play Any Web3 / GameFi?

Please answer some web3 polls below...

In the next 2 years will you be playing any Web3 / Crypto / GameFi games to earn an income? NFTs Metaverse networking business tech ai btc eth bitcoin ethreum arbitrum

2/ Do you currently trade crypto on DeFi sites with your own custody?

Did you know there are defi protocols out there like @DAOJonesOptions that you can expose your portfolio to strategic options vaults, directional vaults, auto-compounding lockups and more options defi

3/ When you join a new DeFi site what is most important for you?

websecurity smartcontracts team security defi arbitrum swaps LP borrowing lending jAssets

4) What is your next product space to explore next in your portfolio? Defi borrowing lending options autocompund LP staking hedged aura GLP GMX

5) Risk Pyramid - Portfolio management

What portion of your portfolio do you put to work in DeFi? etheruem arbitrum optimism polygon matic avax FTM WBTC WETH AAVE UNI YFI

6) What precautions have you considered when using defi sites, do you use insurance or decide to hedge or have diversity in your portfolio to protect you from hacks and other incidents?

7) If you love Defi, NFTs, GameFi and Web3 communities and DAOs. Do you plan to work in crypto / web3?

8) Do you plan to build a company or brand in the space in the next 2-3 years? defi web3 cryptojobs vc W

9) Would you prefer to float your brand ideas through community, self-start up or VC investment?

10) Do you vibe with the true mission of crypto in web3? decentralize ethereum selfcustody defi cryptojbs ai crypto

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