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Inbound Debt Bubble: Inbound Debt ‘Inbound’ Of $180T … And What Is It Missing?

🚨 Inbound Debt Bubble estimated at 180T 🤯

Based on everything I am seeing this is what I know, summarized for you!

- M2 Real Supply? - Off Book - Mortage Debt - Next GFC? - What is missing? - Gold vs BTC - Commodities, Fiat vs BTC & Crypto

Check my math in the 🧵/16

2/Pre-COVID Bailout Debt/ Actual M2 Supply 48T

Documenting the Capitalocene Era on Twitter

3/COVID M2 Actual Print 17T

Documenting the Capitalocene Era on Twitter

4/M2 After COVID 65T: Your perception of inflation is inaccurate based on this info

Documenting the Capitalocene Era on Twitter

5/Newly discovered 80T off Book Debt!

Dylan LeClair 🟠 on Twitter

6/But there is around 600T "reported" in the derivatives market according to the BIS

OTC derivatives outstanding

7/Mortage Debt Bubble of 100T due in next 12-months at higher rates

8/Treasury Market - Black Swan TL;DR REPO market post COVID has flaws that will pull in other assets during bubble stabilization!

CONCODA 🥷 on Twitter

9/GFC 1000X Worse!

BIS Warns Of 2023 Black Swan - A Derivatives Time Bomb

10/In reality, we know what is about to happen. The question is, do we get one last push up before nose-diving into the abyss?

What saves us; Commodities, Gold, Silver, or BTC and Crypto?

💰Ξy It’s P🅰️bloshi on Twitter

11/Will moving back to Gold Standard Fix or even save us from the impending outcome?

Wall Street Silver on Twitter

12/BTC View forward

Will Clemente on Twitter
Joe Burnett (🔑)³ on Twitter

13/The debate between Gold & BTC

Dylan LeClair 🟠 on Twitter

14/Or is the real shift back to commondities in general?

15/Or once fiat dies do we fully shift into BTC / Crypto, and they take over?

16/My question is what am I missing? If they are letting this out of the bag now, what is left in the backrooms that we don't know about? Do we have one more small ride, before dumping us off the cliff? @DoombergT @TFL1728 @GeorgeGammon @WallStreetSilv @LukeGromen @1MarkMoss

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