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Bitcoin Price Analysis – Binance on Daily Analysis

Below my analysis of BTC on Binance on Daily Timeframe.

I look at 2 major scenarios and explain which has more probability in my eyes. I show simple what to look for signs. See next tweets in this thread. Each tweet has an explaining image. Txs for liking + RT first tweet 🌻❤️

A few signs for a possible Bearish view (most probable in my eyes):

•Lower Low & Lower High on Daily Timeframe •Clear Rejection of Resistance Line •No break through my big yellow Long Term Trendline yet

Weekly RSI Downward Trendline Is still not broken.. I set an alarm on this trendline

First signs for a possible Bullish view :

•Bullish RSI Divergence on the Daily

•Bullish RSI Divergence on the Weekly Timeframe •We had a low below the 30% level on the Daily and weekly RSI

My Bearish Elliott Wave view at this moment : (most probable)

My Bullish Elliott Wave possibility (at this moment) :

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