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I Refuses to Give Up on Bitcoin to Bitcoin. Instead, I Choose “BTC” Wallet

Incorporating the new @OpenAI GPT public release, I'm rebuilding @BITCOlNinc as a new Delaware C-Corp that will build a Bitcoin product that gives users a Software/Hardware stack of devices:

BTC Wallet ~ BTC Full Node ~ BTC Miner

What Satoshi intended us all having.

When I created @BitcoinKinetics & @KineticsCO the intention was to give Bitcoin desperately needed hardware. What I saw from @Coinkite @Trezor @LamassuBTC @BitcoinATM & others was amazing. Yet they all lacked something I believe is very important.

Kinetics - Blockchain, Automation & Energy - Commercial 1

Almost 10 years ago news began to come out about the First Bitcoin ATM in the world which me and my childhood friend created in my garage. Our goal was to build the entire Bitcoin hardware stack needed for BTC to function in people's hands.

Push Button Bitcoin (Washing Machines & Liquid Dispensers)

I evolved the idea of BitSwitch a way of making any machine respond to Bitcoin, this was no less then a revolutionary idea of ArtificialIntelligence, IoT & Bioinformatics all working together with BTC as it's core technology. I was ahead of my time.

FTC Insider with Morgan Rockwell, CEO of Bitcoin Kinetics: Science, Bitcoin, Government, Tech & More

Eventually I came to realize that the Bitcoin community was being attacked, it needed a home of safe shelter. So I came up with the idea to build a city like Silicon Valley for us Bitcoin developers to live & work together. It failed spectacularly.

Blockchain Wars - Bitcointopia & United States Of Bitcoin

I was personally attacked by the United States federal government over selling Bitcoin to the community for a decade using @LocalBitcoins and when I refuse to give up this unprecedented legal fight for BTC they came after my staff and me at @Bitcointopia

Arrested for Selling Bitcoin with Morgan Rockwell

Yet I have not given up on my motivation and my mission to build Bitcoin into the most amazing brand and user controlled product on Earth. The city for bitcoins will be built as well as the full stack that Satoshi envisioned.

Defend The Network Podcast -EP4 -Morgan Rockwell - @Node Father

So I ask anyone who knows who I am & any one of you who don't to come help me build some kick ass shit for Bitcoin, because we will be suppressed by the shitcoiners and the regulatory sluts and the NGU kliq bate talking heads, but we will defeat them and make BTC usable for all

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