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I’m Bullish on Decentralized Exchanges… Call For A P2P Trading Contest


Why I’m Bullish on Decentralized Perpetual Exchanges and my Pick for 2022-23 to dominate this space

Get your money off Centralized Exchanges!

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With all the recent volatility in ETH and BTC and the liquidity crunch in defi I have been slowly transitioning back to trading a lot more perpetual contracts. This time around however, after the ALAMEDARESEARCH


fallout I refuse to put my money back into a CEX.

Over the past few weeks I have traded extensively on multiple dApps across several chains, including Fantom, BSC, Avalanche and Arbitrum. All of them were usable and I only had issues on one which will remain nameless.

In the end, however, I deposited my funds for Perp trading at @OfficialApeXdex

So how did I arrive at this conclusion?

1.When trading perps I am looking for a smooth, simple UI/UX that performs comparably with a CEX

Crypto Trade to Earn | ApeX Pro (DEX)

2.I’m no whale. I need a platform where I can trade smaller positions and not have my profit whittled away by fees. 3.I can swing pretty Degen at times, but super high leverage perps (50–200x) is just gambling...

I have no issue with others leveraging this high, but given that people sometimes follow my lead, I was looking for a platform offering less of this “gambling leverage.”

The DEX itself is a Starkware-based L2 built on Ethereum

and allows for deposits and withdrawals to ETH

Arbitrum, BNB and Polygon. Tradable assets right now are ETH, BTC, XRP, DOGE, and ATOM although I am sure there will be more added.

The sign of an enjoyable UX (whether CEX or DEX) is an easy and intuitive use of the platform.

Who wants to spend a bunch of time getting up to speed learning how to use the dApp ? Apex was easily the most intuitive to learn, with the shortest learning curve.

Depositing, signing transactions and trading on Apex all was done in a couple of minutes.

Even the setup on their referral system was super simple and only required an email address (No KYC).

The feature I most came to appreciate on Apex is the ability to set both Stop-loss and Take Profit points for entire position at the same time quickly.

I haven’t completely gone through everything they have on the platform but one reward system caught my eye: trade to earn.

T2E allows users to earn BANA from part of their trade fees.

This is an ongoing rewards system and users will be able to claim and hold for perks, add to LP and farm or convert to APEX on Arbitrum. Team is planning on giving away over 10 million worth of Bana over their first 52 weeks.

Communication with the Apex team has been great and I really look forward to what other features they add.


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Crypto Trade to Earn | ApeX Pro (DEX)

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This post is based on this twitter thread.


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