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A Airdrop: $Juno With 9 DAO Tokens At Least Twice a Month

1) 24 hrs until our next Aqua Validator Snapshot…

Delegate your Juno with us (20 min) and receive an Airdrop from our 9 ecosystem DAOs… at least twice a month.

You can delegate here:

+ more below…

2.4m tokens available.

Juno Juno Cosmos BTC

Keplr Dashboard

2) So how does it work? “I really get 9 tokens for delegating my Juno to a charitable validator?” Yes… and you receive those tokens at least twice a month via airdrop :) but let’s back up a moment… What are these DAO’s?

3) At Aqua, we believe in order to solve some of the worlds largest social issues, charity needs to evolve and more change makers need to be incentivized to work on these problems. In short, we believe a majority of nonprofits/charities should have a DAO wing + token + an LLC

4) At Aqua, we’re helping curate 8 additional Social Impact DAOs. Some are pre-existing orgs.. some are just forming… All are building on Juno and are in different stages of development. To work with Aqua, each DAO/org has to allocate a % of their tokens to Aqua holders, LPs,

5) The Wellspring, and our Validator where we then airdrop our delegators those tokens :) As you can begin to see, as we scale our efforts and continue to grow, more DAOs will emerge and soon delegators may be receiving 20+ DAO tokens twice monthly for delegating with our Val

6) At Aqua, everything points back to clean water and rewarding our investors. The truth is, the better our investors do, the more water we’re able to provide, the more we’re able to invest to grow… so on and so forth.

7) As we continue to distribute tokens to our supporters and continue to deliver clean water across the globe, know that our goal is 200k Juno staked. Can you help us reach our goal (about 120k Juno to go).

Let’s do this!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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