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Crypto Line 📈 1 minutes reading from Bitcoin

$BTC Retraced on Momentum

BTC retraced uptrend line. After 8 4h candles of oscillation, it rose again

Last trade opened short after breaking below the blue oscillator range

It did not follow trend to fall, eventually touched the starting point of supply, hitting the stop loss

BTC Crypto trading

The main review of two points:

1. Be sure to have profit and loss in the same source. Choose whether your trading logic is to trade front or back. Don't make every order different. This will confuse your trading structure and mindset

2. The reason why I didn't wait for it to break below the trend line before opening short is because the trend line is result oriented, rather than internal factors that drive the market

Reviewing the long cycle again. It is still in a 30-day bottom oscillator range after a significant drop due to FTX event. This range has not been broken through

Short-term operation advice: 1. Long side should focus on point C. If it breaks through, you can try to open long. The target is at 18100, 18500 2. Short side should focus on two positions A, B. If it breaks below, you can try to open short

Support 16680. Pressure 17450

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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