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How to Get Rich with Storvers Vault: How To Save When You Can’t Work

🧵About how to get rich with @THORChain

Besides all the crazy good tokenomics and value capture I want to talk about compounding interest. We all want financial freedom.

Let's say you have 15k BTC and you put this into @THORChain right now as a way to safe for that freedom.

As of today. The BTC savers vault has around 5% yield per year.

If BTC doesn't go up or down in value, at yhe end of next year you've got 15.75k.

Okay... Not that crazy, but you basically made 750 (+-2 a day) with no work.

Let's see what happens if you save for 10 years.

We'll add something more. We do this for 10 years but we add a 100 every month as a way to DCA into BTC.

In the graph below you can see the magic of Savers.

If you would keep the BTC out of savers. You would have +- 28000 worth of BTC.

But with savers you would have 40k.

It gets even better when you do this for a longer period of time. Let's say 25 years.

You've now got 112k worth of BTC instead of 42k when you would've just hodled it.

And in 25 years Bitcoin can easily 10x.

That would be a pretty secure way towards becoming a millionaire.

You can join savers right now via

And read more about Savers Vault security, where the yield comes from and why it's a safe and verifiable way to save on crypto on:

Savers Vaults Live on THORChain
This post is based on this twitter thread.


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