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Maya Prefer “Maya” as Native Currency, Launches ICO

With recent events, it's easy to see why a project like @MayaProtocolEng will play a key role in crypto space. @Maya_Protocol is a friendly fork of @THORChain It allows you to swap native assets like native BTC to native ETH. This eliminates need for CEX. Need I say more?

.@Maya_Protocol has a lot in store. To allow native swaps between tokens in a decentralised, trustless and permission-less fashion, CACAO as a token will be at the heart of it. Liquidity pools will be created CACAO/Native-token.

There'll only be 100m CACAO. The only way to get your hands on it is by participating in a liquidity auction (LA) or buying from someone who got from participating in LA.

LA will be a fair launch. Anyone can participate by contributing


Participants will get their contributed token and equal amount of CACAO in liquidity pools, thereby acting as LPs. Value of CACAO at this point will be 1x total amount of native tokens contributed during LA. The higher the amount of contribution, the higher the value of CACAO

MAYA, the other token associated with the protocol, captures 10% of all the fees generated. Private investors, @thorstarter community, Dev team, advisors, founders and RUNE holders will all get MAYA at the beginning as token of appreciation or incentive for participation.

Last but not least, Maya masks. The flagship NFT for @Maya_Protocol. Holders will get over of airdrop of MAYA and continuous share of protocol fees.

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