JumpToken: The Crypto Token That Fuels #JumpTask

Crypto Influnecers: Bitcoin HODL’ers will always win!

Yes, you're right about this. BTC will always kiss the ceiling and it will always be the king👑 While gems like JMPT are the queen👸

JumpToken is a crypto token created to fuel JumpTask

What's JumpTask?

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JumpTask is a platform that pays you to complete simple tasks without prior knowledge or experience. The key difference to note is the fact that it pays in a cryptocurrency called JumpToken (JMPT) as opposed to points, credits, or dollars and cents.

HOW DO YOU USE IT? The requirements to use JumpTask are as easy as they can get. You simply need to have an internet connection and a cryptocurrency wallet. And They offer a login option that lets you log in using your social media accounts, such as Facebook, and Google.

After the login process is complete, you will be provided with different categories of tasks that you can do. The most common tasks that you will encounter are watching some video, installing an application on your device, playing a certain game, or filling out a survey.

After you complete the requirements of the task that you choose, you will receive JMPT straight to your crypto wallet. Besides these active tasks, you can also earn crypto passively by utilizing one of the passive income options that JumpTask provides.

The other option requires you to already have some JMPT and it is called staking. In it, you put in your JMPT to a staking pool that works best for you, and over time, you gain interest in it. It makes your crypto holdings work for you slowly increasing the count of what you have

EASY WAY TO CRYPTO? As you can see, JumpTask allows you to gain some crypto without making an investment. You are rewarded with it by doing incredibly simple tasks that do not require any skills or knowledge.

With that in mind, it makes JumpTask a great option to start dabbling in crypto without any risk. There can not be any failed investments, as you are not making any investments at all! JMPT is a regular cryptocurrency that can be bought, sold, exchanged, or staked

To conclude in a few words, JumpTask bridges the gap between a casual user and the crypto world. It helps to get into cryptocurrencies and everything that comes with them easily. There is no need to be afraid of crypto. With the help of JumpTask, it is easier than ever.

Join now and claim a 20% bonus for the first task you complete and enjoy multi-free and simple tasks with the highest rewards available in the freelancers space.

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JumpTask – Earning Online | No Fees, No Thresholds
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