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Bitcoin Charts Update: BTC Price Stabilizes at $16500 and Bitcoin Upside Coming Soon

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Curious about the state of the BTC market?

Check out my thread for an update on the latest developments and what they could mean for the future of Bitcoin.

Last week, BTC showed stability in its lateral movement within the 16800-17400 range, hinting at uncertainty in the market.

This week brings a host of announcements and statements that could cause volatility in markets.

Sellers' pressure has kept BTC from renewing its price maximum of 17400, set on December 5.

At present, there are no fundamental drivers of growth in the asset. However, we see potential for another local uptrend driven by positive consumer inflation data and a New Year's Eve rally.

The market is currently moving towards support zones at 16500-16810, but large sell orders at 17200 are hindering growth.

Within the daily timeframe, the asset has hit upper limit barriers and is now in correction. BTC Bitcoin Crypto Crypto嫩妹会所


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