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A DAO to a DAO: How I Lost Money in Crypto

5 years ago I had dropped out of college, I was returning from Barcelona, ​​saying goodbye to every skateboarder's dream.

All the money I had left was allocated in BTC and unfortunately I fell into a pyramid and lost everything…I clearly remember this pain. 🧵👇🏻

When I lost all my money, I had no support from my girlfriend, instead she mocked me for losing money in crypto, my relationship ended.

My tennis supporter dumped me during the trip before I even released my video project I was traveling on.

Those were difficult times, I saw all my self-esteem being destroyed…

Thanks to my family, I had support to go back to my college and finish it.

I took the opportunity to study the crypto market again.

Until I finished my college, I managed to save some money and redid my position in the market.

After all that, I managed to release my video completely independently and was a finalist at MIMPI (International Skateboard and Surf Film Festival).

My brand started to gain recognition in the market, and my position in the crypto market started to have some relevance!

With the onset of the pandemic, I established my total focus on the crypto market, bringing several people to whom I taught one by one the metrics of this market and its cycles, I taught 400 people!

I lived the best cycle of my life in this last halving, I started dating my best friend and I have no words to describe the size of the love I feel for her and the size of the complicity we have with each other!

I set up a scalp trade setup, where I basically worked 11 months from 9 am to 11 pm every day, and the money I lost in the financial pyramid I managed to recover and make 100x on top of it!

and finally, today I'm a skateboard athlete for a DAO @gnars_dao !

And I have no words to thank what web3 has done with my life!

what do i mean by all this?

no matter how hard the fall is, no one can take away the knowledge you've acquired on your path and if you have the humility to start from scratch, brick by brick, you'll get there!

Thank you to everyone who always believed, right now I'm crying with the memories of this journey 🫶

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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