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Top 10 Times in Blockchains for Blockchains

2022 in retrospect: top 10 news stories for blockchain and crypto 🧵 What’s on your list? Comment below⬇️

⚡️No1: On Feb 26, Ukraine began accepting crypto for donations, starting with BTC, ETH, and Tether.

⚡️No2: On Mar 9, U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order on government oversight of crypto, mobilizing the federal government to create a strategy for digital assets.

⚡️No3: Hackers stole about 600 million from Axie Infinity’s Robin Network in one of the biggest crypto heists.

⚡️No4: The fall of Terra, once a top 10 crypto with a market cap of 30 billion. @terra_money

⚡️No5: Celsius and 3AC crashed in a domino effect after LUNA.

⚡️No6: U.S. Treasury sanctioned virtual currency mixer Tornado Cash.

⚡️No7: Cryptos hammered as U.S. Federal Reserve hiked interest rates.

⚡️No8: “Move-to-earn” Solana app StepN rosed to fame and lead a Gamefi craze.

⚡️No9: Ethereum merge completed and saved as much as 99.95% of the energy it previously consumed.

⚡️No10: The great collapse of FTX , previously the world’s third-largest crypto exchange, sent shockwaves worldwide.

2022 was a dreadful year, but we believe crypto will come back stronger and is likely to move further toward the mainstream in 2023. Stay tuned for our latest analyses and 2023outlook . 💪

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