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Taking the Bitcoin Orange pill

Taking the Bitcoin orange pill. Another buzzword? Crypto BTC defi nfts

Orange pill is the notion that Bitcoin

will inevitably become the global reserve asset, while converting people to believe in the BTC standard. crypto CryptoInvestor

Bitcoin is about financial freedom rather than a speculative asset. btc defi crypto nfts cryptocurrency

So how should you take the orange pill if you are new or curious about Bitcoin and crypto? First, don’t take the blue pill.

Blue pill would lead you back to ignorance, refusing to learn about Bitcoin and becoming hypnotized by fiat money, thinking it is a better viable option.

Go orange or enjoy staying poor When you go orange, you quickly learn these crucial things about Bitcoin

BTC is scarce, it can store your wealth, it can be used to pay people securely, it’s decentralized, etc. Crypto defi nfts eth sol gamefi

The orange pill allows a you to see, while others are blind. BTC is available with no barrier to entry.Crypto

Even the poorest among us can buy into bitcoin and join its network. Take the orange pill.

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