Palinurus, the Poet.
Palinurus, the Poet. 1 minutes reading from Bitcoin – Making Crypto Memes Easier

Joined last Bull

Rode my last 4 figs to 5.

Not much in the grand scheme, but lot to me at the time.

Rode it right back down.

Still here, because I managed some risk (always held some BTC & ETH) But back exactly where I started.

So I'm starting again from square one.

Will share my personal crypto journey from here.

Obviously I'm not a success story (yet) But I've made all the mistakes, Hopefully can help the next class from making the same.

Think of it as 'Alpha for Noobs'

I'm never gonna make a 100x call. I don't have the knowledge or network to get in that early.

(Might share some stuff from people who do)

Focus will be more on: how to get involved, keep up with narratives, manage risk and make some money by avoiding the major mistakes I've made.

Level 1 stuff.

Beginner to Intermediate (like me)

At the end of the day, I'm still here to learn too.

With that in mind - More than happy to be corrected by any of you Whales and OGs reading.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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