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8 Reasons Why I Don’t Understand Why Crypto Was Created & Why Bitcoin Was Created


Many 'influencers' promote crypto on a daily basis. This has its pros & cons which we have discussed on a recent podcast👇

However, I am confident in stating that I don't believe many of 'them' understand why crypto is needed.




Do such people have an adequate understanding on how money is created via both the Federal Reserve & other Central Banks, but also via commercial banks?

What about the fact that 80% of all currency in circulation has been printed in the last 2 years?


If this was well understood, there would be a greater amount of knowledge on inflation, how it's created, and how this phenomenon alone is one of the easiest & greatest methods in which wealth is transferred from the poor to the rich.


Do most people have an understanding of what money is, or the differences between money and currency?

True money is a:

- Store of Value - Medium of Exchange - Unit of Account

If your 'money' does not meet these criterion, sorry - it's not money.


What about why Bitcoin was even created in the first place?

Was it meant to be a compromised store of value, or was it supposed to be the first peer-to-peer electronic cash system that removed the requirement of 3rd parties to exist?


Why would the primary reason crypto was created in the first place, have changed so much is just over a decade?

Do we still have central banks and governments manipulating our 'money', i.e., currency?

Monetarily speaking, are we in control?



These are all reasons why I am, & will continue to be an avid supporter of the EPIC Cash project, & overall Epicenter ecosystem.

It's the one & ONLY project that is looking to achieve the best use case for crypto - for money to be the people's money.


The amount I have personally learnt about money, both the historic & current financial systems, and how the issuance & control of money must be taken away from centralised institutions such as governments and central banks since...

Telegram: Contact @freemanuablockquotep 9/9

becoming a member of both the EPIC Cash community & Freeman University approx 8 months ago is beyond belief.

I have SO MUCH more to learn, & I look forward to this process!🤓

My point is - consider who you listen to, & associate yourself with in this space.


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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