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Bahamas Reportedly asked Twitter to Mint New Coin After @FTX-Official Collapse

Bahamas reportedly asked @SBF_FTX to mint new coin after @FTX_Official">@FTX_Official collapse.

The FTX collapse has reportedly fueled a major international legal dispute between the USA and Bahamas🇺🇸🇧🇸

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Following the @FTX_Official">@FTX_Official collapse in November, Bahamas government officials reportedly asked @SBF_FTX to mint new digital assets worth “hundreds of millions of dollars,” lawyers for FTX said in a court filing, Bloomberg reported on Dec.12.

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The authorities also reportedly asked the former @FTX_Official">@FTX_Official CEO @SBF_FTX to transfer the new tokens to the control of island officials.

The report also suggests that Bahamas officials tried to help @SBF_FTX regain access to key computer systems of the now-defunct

@FTX_Official">@FTX_Official trading platform.

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According to American lawyers, Bahamas officials were “responsible for directing unauthorized access” to @FTX_Official">@FTX_Official systems in order to take over control of digital assets under the supervision of a US court.

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This post is based on this twitter thread.


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