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Hello CT,

Let me introduce myself. A thread (1/7)🧵

crypto trading btc eth web3 defi

I'm Dre, I'm by no means a veteran trader however I technically do this professionally, as I make a living doing it. I've been trading for about 3 years, with maybe about 1.5 years of doing it properly. (2/7)🧵

I will be providing you guys with HIGH PROBABILITY TRADES along with an educational discussion group where I will teach those who are interested in finding out why I take the trades that I do and also want trade 'properly'. DM me if you wish to join us! (3/7)🧵

Signal channels are inherently bullshit in a market environment that can change at the drop of a hat. Yes, I will provide 'signals' however it is more of a 'this is a high probability trade, trade at your own risk' type of deal.


Trading is always open to interpretation and I don't claim to be the best trader out there, but I know enough to know what I'm doing but I'm always willing to hear others opinions on the situation if it's backed up by something that makes sense. (5/7)🧵

Trading is a constant learning experience and a life long skill, and I will have zero fucking tolerance for FUD in an environment where we are all here to just get better at what we do. (6/7)🧵

Thanks for your time, now enough about me, let's make some fucking money 🔥 (7/7)🧵

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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