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The perfect meal for BTC in zero fiat economy

Paid for dinner in BTC in @BitcoinJungleCR

Here’s what meals in a zero fiat economy looks like:

The @BitcoinJungleCR app has a map of all the businesses that accept BTC in the area, and the restaurant I chose also had an BTC sticker on the front door right next to the @Visa sticker 😏

The way the waitress replied “si” when asked about BTC being accepted suggested it was an everyday occurrence - like asking if the restaurant accepted credit cards.

The payment process was swift and took seconds. The itemized bill came with an iPad, preloaded with a Lightning invoice and QR code. You can pay with any Lightning wallet - I used @bluewalletio

Scanning the QR code pre-populates your bill in sats (100MM sats = 1 BTC) and whichever currency your wallet is set. If you use the @BitcoinJungleCR

app, the currency shows in Costa Rican colones.

And in less than a second of hitting send, the transaction is sent & confirmed.⚡️

The screen after scanning the restaurant's QR code

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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