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I Was a Maxi and I Didn’t Want to Be Rich Until I Found BTC

I was a maxi and i didn'd had any BTC.

My journey is not like the most. I found BTC arround late 2010, i was a kid. Told my parents to buy some for us, they laugh at me. My brother backed me up. They laugh at both of us. We forgot all about it. 1/6

Years later, 2018/2019 i had some money and didn't want to leave it on the drawer. After a long investigation i was ready to buy an ASIC, for BTC mining. I wanted some cashflow, "didn't need" stock. I spent more than a YEAR trying to import the equipment. 2/6

Long story short, aduana problems, bitmain stock problems, and a little fear. Spent all this time studying BTC, it's network, it's money properties, "all" of it. I spent A LOT of hours searching for an alt to "diversify", i realized it was all BULLSHIT 3/6

(When i say A LOT of hours and years i mean it. I must have spent arround 10.000 + hours studying BTC only and just about that reading about altcoins. Some day i will share some books and posts for you, i keep track of all my learning process.) 4/6

I was a maxi and i didn'd had any BTC!!!. June 2020, crisis. I give up on the ASIC and went all in on BTC. Not all at once, i first bought 100 USD, and 10 days later i decided to put 100% of my money, didn't had much. don't have much now either. 5/6

From that day i'm a Hodler, DCA buyer, miner, and a TOXIC MAXI. Life is 80% better this way (i did the math). I'm never gonna be rich becouse i don't trade, don't look for yield, i only DCA with my poor-county's salary. But one thing is sure, MY STACK WILL ALWAYS BE MY STACK 6/6

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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