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Decentralized Route 4.0: A Plan to Define Bitcoin in 6.9 Months

btc Just putting together the options..if you've seen my main chart, the target was 6.9k due to time & price & matching cycles w/ SPY.

Targets are loose, more about the paths.

This is how you plan as most 90% of the time you will not be right but u can narrow it down r

1/ Not sure this count would match my cycles by the time it would bottom unless its very direct with corrections not taking too long

5/ This one for the major Wave 4 I am not too fond of it due to the way it ended, Wave 3 majors end like they do in 2017 top, not like this...but is possible.

It can develop into a large leading diagonal to the downside as per the other count in 4/

6/ Most people have this count (I like it better then if the B is not in yet) and I don't like due to that even though I had it as my main in June..& too early to call a C wave in progress yet.

Time relative to W2 not too fond of though which is why I'd prefer an X instead

7/ Having a 5 already in would be highly unlikely but we need to not assume that it isn't in as EW traders, inc myself, often get trapped in the '1 more move down' & it doesnt come.

Context (fiscal conditions) doesnt match this count though atm but I added a note related to that

This one wouldnt surprise me unless liquidity changes. Seems its hard to push BTC in either direction so a diagonal would be fitting, and would match the approx time with my cycles....also in the right place.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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