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Get Ready for a $KAS-like Run


1️⃣ NOVO - @novochainl1

Looks primed 4 a KAS-like run during the bear market🔥📈

Bought @ 0.0000013 Poss 1000x @ bull run MC - 581k

Follow 4 more early calls 🤝

🧵Details👇 crypto 100xGems 100x 1000xgem btc ETH BNB DeFi BSC GEM Ethereum

2️⃣ NOVO @novochainl1 is an L1 POW blockchain designed to be decentralized, fast, & infinitely scalable w/ no VC’s no ico & no premine.

Fair launch project w/ no team alloc & is community driven.

The niche it fills is decentralized programmable money! @NovoMining @NovoBitcoin

3️⃣Tokenomics: NOVO Price: 0.0000013 MC: 581.5k Circ Supply: 447b coins Max Supply: 840b coins All coins will released into circulation

only via pow mining. Similar to BTC , NOVO has halvings & they occur every 210,000 blocks as in every 1 year.

4️⃣ Buying Details: NOVO is available on @exbitron

Send TRC20 USDT on TRX

network to the exchange & buy it there.

NOVO looks primed for a KAS-like run during the bear market🔥💎📈

@novochainl1 was only listed on DECEMBER 5th!

Exbitron link: - trading platform specializing in altcoins

5️⃣Ty so much for reading!

Make sure to follow @BraverCrypto 4 more early calls, trades & on-point market analysis 😄🤝

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6️⃣one more to add to the thread! 👇 Getting up and running with Novo: Website:




Extension wallet:

Novo: the renaissance of programmable money
Join the Novo Chain Discord Server!
Paragon - Browser wallet for apps built on Novo
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