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Bitcoin Looks Poised for a 5-Month Rally

The current Bitcoin price action is looking extremely textbook from an Elliot Wave vantage point. Bitcoin

Feels like I've got an edge over direction in the coming weeks/months, let me share it in 5 more tweets 👇 BTC

2/ Kicking off with a quick refresher of the macro expanded-flat corrective fourth that we are currently still printing on the HTF.

Keep it simple, three waves down, three waves up, five waves down, often takes multiples in length of time as the preceding impulse. New highs on B

3/ Lets rewind back to June and flip the scale to inverted. Bear in mind, this is where the third stretch to the downside ends and a cool-off (fourth wave) is/was expected.

We should have also expected new highs (lows) and an extensive correction in regards to time, as so:

4/ Let's catch up to speed to where we are now.

Bitcoin showing signs of strength, a host of minor fundamental catalysts such as fed pivot and improved inflation reports coming in.

Looking for a swift five-wave rally back towards 23000-36000 in the coming...

5/ months, the destination of what parameter will be met will depend on two main influencers;

Sub-wave structure as it unfolds, on whether we are to have a running or an expanded flat.

Traditional markets & sustainability of continued positive fundamental developments...

6/ I'll be keeping the feed updated on this as it unfolds, currently looking to ride this to the upside in the coming weeks.

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@CredibleCrypto some thoughts sir?

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