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NFTs Aren’t Securities…They Are Hating on the Wrong NFTs

Are NFTs securities?

Long time @BanklessHQ fan & premium member - but this time @TrustlessState is on the wrong side of the story & you can see @RyanSAdams squint his eyes in confusion too...

1/ You sound like a BTC maxi calling on Gensler to regulate ETH as security here...

2/ For reference: Yuga Assets clearly are NOT securities - they were not sold with a promise for future gains and don't give access to Yuga Revenues.

Also the "BAYC Metaverse" isn't even a thing. 🤦🏼‍♂️

@OthersideMeta is a open, permissionless and non-proprietary metaverse.

3/ I guess this explains @TrustlessState real argument.

Hating on normies for buying the "wrong" NFTs?

Hating on teams and projects for onboarding people to SELF-HOSTED & BANKLESS Wallets?

idk man...

4/ Usually you guys have great takes - but this one seems unwarranted and more as if David has it out for anything BAYC or Yuga related...

pre-emptively posting this meme here, cuz this is a bear market and we all need to work together to align our crypto values.

@feechwanders @BanklessHQ @TrustlessState @RyanSAdams if anyone creates so much content they are bound to make mistakes. but when they happen - they should clarify and retract

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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