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Bitcoin Price Holds at $OCE

- BTC | USD / Daily plan.

It was a bearish retest until proven otherwise, and we didn't get that proof. No deviation back in, and definitely no acceptance above.

- What am I looking at? - What to do with my 2 open Altcoin positions?

1/x 👇

Keeping it simple;

- Reclaim and acceptance above 18.2, and I'll see it as a range low reclaim and higher prices

- For now, we got rejected and pushed back in the lower time frame range, so expecting lower prices.

Which means no new long positions while sticking to my stables.

For my cash/stables position and higher time frame idea see this old thread.

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We had an HTF resistance rejection, an LTF range high deviation, and got smacked into our previous consolidation while nuking the up-trend line.

Pretty grim outlook, at the mid-range support. Could see some relief here but not playing it.

While I wasn't looking for a new position around this resistance, I did keep my 2 altcoin positions open as I could have seen some more ranging.

1) OCEAN - We already sold half at our first 2 targets (+40%). Sold another quarter here for +15%, keeping the rest open for now.

2) WOO | USD

The higher time frame structure is still intact but the rest of the market looks pretty heavy.

Decided to keep this one open for now.

Don't really feel certain about the next moves here so gonna take it slow until things do clear up. The weekend is coming, gonna enjoy it with the fam, research some new projects & chains for the next cycle and rest up.🤝

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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