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The Birth of Crypto: From $BTC to MtGox

🧵 Birth of Crypto When BTC was born, it was like a newborn entering the world, naive and unprepared for the realities it would face. ⚫ Unfortunately, dark forces quickly seized upon the opportunity to use it for illicit activities and black market trading.

💪 Crypto OGs Those who were using crypto at that time can be considered true OG users. They should be proud of their experiences and share them with newcomers, creating spaces for discussion and education.

🌌 During its early days, BTC was primarily used on black markets and in underground casinos, while its price steadily rose in the shadows. Most people only heard rumors about its use in these shady corners of the internet, without truly understanding its technology nor value.

💸 MtGox In 2010, BTC gained traction in Japan and found a partner, MtGox, which at the time handled over 70% of the world's BTC reserves. However, their relationship was short-lived, as MtGox was revealed to have been involved in fraudulent theft activities in 2014.

➖ Once again, Real BTC OGs persevered, using the opportunity to raise awareness about crypto's true potential. MtGox remains a useful case study for newcomers to the space.

🌍 In post-pandemic world, we saw a shift towards web3 trading markets as the number of people trading in traditional financial markets decreased. With more time at home and easy access to investment advice and mobile apps, we no longer needed middlemen to facilitate our trades.

🌊 Crypto's Journey Crypto has experienced its ups and downs, but its believers have stayed strong and continue to learn and teach, HODL and gaining more experience to share with newcomers. Without the OG users, there would be no one left to teach the next generation.

🏙️ As the online world evolves with new technologies, we are seeing faster changes and more mature projects and protocols, as well as a more diverse workforce. One example of this is the gig economy, where people can earn income by completing small tasks on a flexible basis.

💭 This journey been a wild ride! Even though I may not be one of the 'rich ones', I am constantly learning and staying up to date. The technology behind it fascinates me and I love talking about it with others.

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