Proof of No Work - $PoNW
Proof of No Work - $PoNW 8 minutes reading from Bitcoin

Top 5 Favorite Crypto Projects vs. Top 5 Projects I Hate

Top 5 favorite crypto projects vs top 5 projects I hate



HEX is 1 of my favorite crypto projects for a variety of reasons. Whether its the educational material from HEX founder @RichardHeartWin, the renounced contract, staking rewards, x10,000 gains in 2 years or 99% DEX trading of the token, HEX is undeniably a great Crypto product

XMR has been 1 of the best privacy tools in Crypto since its inception. While there has been a lot more legit competition in the crypto privacy sector lately, XMR continues to provide users anonymity. You probably won't get rich from gains, but its a crypto with real utility

I love DENT token & am 100% biased about it. The reason is I made 100x gains on it, twice! And I'm expecting a 3rd time next bull. @DentWireless created a decentralized marketplace, allowing users to buy & sell mobile data directly using Dent, rather than going through carriers

OMI is the native token of the @veve_official app by @ecomi_ VeVe provides a marketplace for licensed digital NFTs & is the 1st to offer NFTs from brands such as Marvel, DC, Disney, Coca-Cola & Pixar. VeVe's AR features also allow you to merge the digital with the real world

PLS & PLSX are the newest @RichardHeartWin projects soon to be released. PLS or PulseChain is providing the worlds largest airdrop & aims to be a cheaper, faster, fee-burning Ethereum fork. PLSX or PulseX aims to be PulseChains most liquid fee-burning AMM fork of @Uniswap

XRP's supposed goal is to enable fast, cheap, & reliable cross-border payments/currency exchanges. And while the software is legit, the @Ripple company is a bad actor in the Crypto space & actively perpetuates false info via paid shills. The standard? 589? All the money? BS!

XEN token might have the worst tokenomics in the history of cryptocurrency, & that's saying a lot. I don't even wanna talk about it, the thread below is about all you need to see why this is a terrible idea. Stay away!

Proof of No Work - PoNW on Twitter

SAFEMOON popularized the concept of the automatic reflection mechanism, which offers holders yield similar to staking rewards, but with no need to pay gas fees. I call it a scam because of a broken "add liquidity" function which I explain below. The price will never recover imo

BSV is similar to XRP imo. The software is solid, but the head of the project @DR_CSWright is a fraud who falsely claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Craig recently lost a court case where the judge ruled there was "sufficient factual grounds to claim that Craig Wright is not SN"

This will probably be the most unpopular opinion of the thread, but I've always thought BTC is a scam. The fact that the anonymous founder Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared from the project almost a decade ago is highly suspicious. And the software itself is very underwhelming...

as compared to what exists in the Crypto market today. Large fees, limited throughput, no on-chain exchange, only a few devs, minimal gains, massive sell side liquidity, & almost no ability to build ontop of it make the technology outdated & highly overvalued at this point imo

The fact that Bitcoin has such regulatory clarity around the world when almost nothing else in Crypto does, makes me think this is a banker establishment coin, designed to drive humans into accepting the concept of digital payments.

It's also not solving any kind of wealth inequality issues, as BTC ownership is highly centralized. 0.32% of wallets own 82.68% of the supply! If you're a BTC maxi, you don't want to change the world for the better, you just want everyone else to pump your bags

What are your thoughts on these projects & my opinions? Let me know in the comments & follow me here as well as @YourKeysYourNFT for daily content related to all things Crypto.

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