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Opinion: Bad Bears Are Allowed to Use the Bitcoin Block Chain

You have all been bad bears. Bad bears that use leverage on the bottom (lol) get liquidated the same way that bad bulls that long the top do. You still have time to close your underwater shorts and hedge up. btc

@dbe21989876 Most of the bear idiots are the 20 something dudes calling for 3k bro, cause trust me I know my macro bruh. It’s all ego. There’s zero experience or logic. “It’s just the way everyone feels man and it’s gonna get way worse cause I have seen worse bro and only I can endure pain.”

@dbe21989876 Like has anyone asked any of these guys what their actual experience in the markets is? Like most of them showed up at the last dip from 30k because they saw ftx trending and heard their bros bros dudebro made like 250k man. Some of them prob made bank shorting when it was easy.

@dbe21989876 But we are in choppy waters right now getting ready for a major trend change, and your over leverage is still showing. You won’t believe me till you get margin called, and you realize that if you load more collateral, you’re runway will run thin. You can cover at least 10 years?

@dbe21989876 I’m not offering financial advice here either. Just walking you through my thought process down here. Because man, it would suck to overconfidently load collateral, and then get completely liquidated next week. Good chance you’d never make the money back with the gamma squeezes.

@dbe21989876 Because they will likely happen so abruptly, your retest on 4H charts will not be confluent with anything meaningful on higher timeframes. Orders to cover will not get filled, and then, orders to buy back in esp long with leverage will run the market for a while.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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