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Why are Bitcoiners Bullish?

Since 2018, there has never been a better time to purchase crypto. Bitcoin and real use alts aren’t going anywhere, there are many reasons to be bullish fundamentally and TA wise. I will be providing with such information in the following days through educational tweets . BTC

Don’t get me wrong, we might still go a bit lower so I would also consider an entry strategy if you’re considering buying now. Catching the exact price is hard if you’re not experienced so try to just be at the right moment.

Imagine you buy right now, two scenarios are likely to happen: 1)price goes down but i have an entry strategy so I am not worried and stick to my strategy. I may also stick a S/L if im not sure enough. 2)price goes up , congratulations. Its always best to try to catch the moment

Now to the fun part: what is making CryptoTwitter dubious about bitcoin and why are Bitcoiners bullish?

Ill explain with the following image:

Weekly Bitcoin RSI bear market trendline

Notice the green circle. Remember how everyone was bullish & certain the alt season was coming throughout october and early november? We had a breakout fake-out exactly around the FTX scandal. We are about to break again and Binance FUD steps in, coincidence?

Reason 2 Bitcoin halvening coming 2024. Take a good look at the following chart , its a halvening effect chart on bitcoin’s price action: Bitcoin

These are just two technical examples of why bitcoiners are bullish at this period of time.However, this is not financial advice and I am just simply pointing out indicators As long as we dont break we are still in a bear trend, being the weekly chart it would be around February

During the time we are inside the bear trend, remember, ANYTHING can happen and FUD will spread like wildfire. So you have to be emotionally prepared to what could possibly come in the upcoming days. BTC LTC ETH theta tfuel ada bitcoin

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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