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How Bitcoin Restored My Hope In The Future

How Bitcoin Restored My Hope In The Future

There’s a bumpy road ahead, but the destination is glorious.

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1/ The cult I was raised in taught humanity was meant to live on a paradise earth, but Adam & Eve threw a wrench in God’s plan when they ate the forbidden fruit.

I believed in the paradise most of my life, so when I woke up and exited the cult, I lost my hope for humanity.

2/ Although faced with the harsh reality that the world had to solve its own problems, at first I was very optimistic. One book that helped inject me with optimism was Dr. Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined.

3/ Then came 2020 and the world’s response to Covid. As I watched these events play out, my faith in the future of our world declined rapidly. Why were people prone to respond so irrationally and do as they’re told without question?

4/ That led me to research human psychology, allopathic medicine, evolutionary tribalism, and the fiat monetary system. The truths I learned were both enlightening and crushing. The unconscionable abuse of power reinforced by fear made me ill. It smacked of my cult days.

5/ The parallels were unmistakable. The cult promised paradise if members would “listen to God” (meaning the Church leaders).

The public was promised a Covid-free world of health if only they would “listen to The Science™” (meaning political leaders).

6/ When cult members didn’t listen, they were threatened with shunning.

When the public refused to comply, they were threatened with the loss of their jobs and shamed, often leading to shunning by their friends and even family.

7/ Gov'ts were able to pull this off b/c of the perverse incentives of fiat money. B/c fiat governments can print money at will, robbing citizens of their savings through inflation, anyone who wants to succeed needs to remain close to the people who control the money printer.

8/ Those who do, such as Big Business & Big Pharma, are rewarded by the govt w/some of the plunder of our savings in the form of tax breaks, bailouts, and direct govt funding.

Those who don’t are punished by not having a share in the plunder. This is called the Cantillon Effect.

9/ None of this would be possible on a Bitcoin standard. Because you can’t print Bitcoin out of thin air, all spending must be justified, preventing such fraud and abuse. There is no money printer, so there can be no Cantillon Effect.

10/ The incentives for Big Business to buy favors from politicians through funding campaigns all but evaporates, as those politicians no longer have the ability to print money that gets funneled to those businesses. The playing field is leveled, the money system fair.

11/ The trickle-down effect of the money printer also disappears. Under a fiat system, the money flows to the industries that support the gov'ts narratives, & those businesses enforce that narrative among their employees. If you want to work, you must comply.

12/ This top-down control mirrors the cult. Rather than working to improve the world, members were taught God would fix everything in due time. This engendered a spirit of complaining about the world’s problems while remaining in complacent inaction.

13/ With the power of the money printer in the hands of the government, helpless people look to the government to solve all their problems, further reinforcing this power structure and stifling personal responsibility and action.

14/ Bitcoin fixes these economic problems and the resulting social issues. Decentralized, secure sound money puts the power of the purse back in the hands of the people. If the govt wants to spend money to fund some project, it can only do so with the permission of the people.

15/ This incentivizes politicians to do the will of the people rather than Big Business. While not completely removing corruption, a Bitcoin standard would greatly reduce those incentives, demolishing the top-down power structure and replacing it with a bottom-up one.

16/ As govt debt spirals accelerate, an alternative will be needed. World leaders will have no choice but to jump off the sinking Titanic of fiat and onto the life raft of Bitcoin. It will cost them power, wealth, & influence, but they will do it to save their skins.

17/ Strap in and hang on. The fiscal ride is likely to be a wild one, and the destination is no Utopia. But it is a world of fair money and free thinkers with a government under their control rather than the other way around. That’s a world worth hoping – and fighting – for.

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How Bitcoin Restored My Hope in The Future

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