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I Would Build a Business Using Blockchain Tech

I love crypto but wouldn’t bet my house on it.

I believe in it but i would never build a business relying only on it.

Banks would never lend you money if you have BTC as collateral.

The biggest crypto whales took money out to invest in Real Estate.

HOWEVER … 👇🏼👇🏼

1. I would build a business using blockchain tech to verify what can’t be verified with any other tech

2. I would let people pay me in crypto. Thinking that crypto and blockchain will disappear is just not convincing. With the growing digital users population.. how can you think that “traditional” paper currencies can be sustainable

3. I would build a business using the communitarian NFT culture because this is the smartest and most flexible way of crowdfunding

4. I would let this community own their portion of this business and control their votes. Yes communities can have a board seat. If you dont believe it … Read more about funds if you like

5. I would let these new holders be creative and give them room to grow within the business

6. If you think i am dreaming… i wouldn’t blame you. I also thought it would be impossible 1 year ago. But then with hard work. A great team. A lot of determination and perseverance it happened. It is called PufferSquad. Check it out and be curious. @ThePufferSquad

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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