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The Comparison to $BTC at the Same Age, But Comparing Them to Other Blockchains

zcash recently turned 6 years old - let's have a little comparison of a few metrics to the granddaddy BTC when it was the same age

First: Price

In Jan 2015 btc was around 200 after crashing down from highs of over 1100 after the Mt Gox hack. Zec is currently around 40 after reaching highs of around 340 this cycle sitting at or around the lows of its previous consolidation levels.

Two very different charts, BTC on one hand shows clear upwards trend as it emerged from a niche corner of the internet and begins to get attention, while zec struggles to capture the highs of the 2017 cycle

Second: Transactions

Monthly tx count for BTC was around the 3mil mark while zec lags far far behind at only 163000 with essentially no upwards trend. Obviously tx count is a better indicator because you will never know the real number of active addresses on zcash

Third: Coins held in shielded wallets

zec > 1 million

btc = 0

as of recently nearly 5% of the total supply of zcash is held in shielded wallets, and set explode when @trezor and @ledger support shielded wallets *coming soon*

So, what can we learn from this exercise?

Yes, on the surface it looks like zcash is seriously struggling... but BTC had a first mover advantage and was literally the gateway into crypto, if you wanted to trade alt coins you needed to buy BTC.

zcash however has struggled in its lifetime with UX, not that long ago zk-proofs needed a full node wallet and a bunch of computational power to send the tx, which really was pretty awful.

However, I think we are at a tipping point, where people are sick of being tracked, and truly private block chain assets are within grasp of the everyman.

The privacy narrative will continue to become more important as our lives live more in the digital age

zacsh has potential to become an important technology for so many people, and with its road map to focus on inoperability with other blockchains it can be a really big piece of the puzzle, and I am backing it.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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