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“Bitcoin is a Pioneer Species” – “Bitcoin Miners”

Why is BTC a pioneer species??

In @WhatBitcoinDid ep.591, @Bquittem of @SwanBitcoin joins @PeterMcCormack to discuss Branon’s latest article ‘Bitcoin is a Pioneer Species’, where Brandon compares Bitcoin miners to species that help develop ecosystems.

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Pacific Bitcoin Conference 2022

•Chill, and a very organized conference.

•Bitcoin Magazine helped with event producers. 1/

•Bitcoin is a Pioneer Species is an article written by Brandon. (


Bitcoin is a Pioneer Species by Brandon Quittem

Mastering energy; climate adaptation

•“Bitcoin is a Pioneer Species” article is about energy, ecology, and the complex systems in the world.

•Bitcoin is also an incentive for humans to master energy as different methods are being used to mine bitcoin. 3/

•Used cooking oil is used to mine Bitcoin in Guatemala.

•Energy helps humans engineer a world more suitable for humans.

•Mainstream narrative on Climate is not coming from science. 4/

•A Bitcoin mining facility is running off hydropower in Virunga park in the Democratic Republic of Congo while creating electricity and jobs for the locals. This helps struggling regions with electricity. 5/

Bitcoin is a pioneer species

•Bitcoin mining is an incentive that helps people help themselves with energy.

•GDP is correlated to energy production and it makes it difficult for smaller countries to build things without cheap energy. 6/

•For a comfortable life for the Westerners, a debt slavery has been put on the rest of the world. 7/

•Pioneer species are hardy species like Lichen that are the first to colonize barren environments or previously biodiverse steady-state ecosystems that have been disrupted, such as by wildfire. 8/

•Bitcoin Miners are pioneer species looking for ecosystems with untapped energy assets. 9/

•Bitcoin Miners could help build systems for the locals of struggling nations while taking advantage of the cheap energy to mine Bitcoin and move to a new place when the energy prices become expensive. 10/

•Spreading energy is the best way to raise people out of poverty even if it means using fossil fuels.

@LynAldenContact believes it will take a decade to recover from the lack of investments in energy. 11/

Fourth turning; Bitcoin & hope; energy myths

•“Bitcoin mining is everything you don’t understand about energy, combined with everything you don’t understand about Bitcoin.”

•Young people are diagnosed with Climate Anxiety because of what is being told to them. 12/

•We are midway through the Fourth Turning (the Boomer Generation retiring and the Millennial generation taking the wheel).

•People could save themselves by buying Bitcoin in countries where currency devaluation is happening. 13/

•People should buy Bitcoin if they are able to hold it for at least 5 years.

•Energy is not fungible and cannot be transported from any part of the world to another. That is a reason for the difference in energy prices across the world. 14/

•When energy is produced, it has to be consumed immediately.

•Consuming electricity doesn’t necessarily produce CO2. 15/

Nuclear is key, deflationary future

•Nuclear has to be the biggest factor if we are going to replace fossil fuels.

•Small modular nuclear reactors will be all over the place to help countries function. 16/

•Deflationary money could make the average energy consumption to go down tremendously.

•Deflationary money takes power away from the state. 17/

Satoshi’s genius; spending Bitcoin & Lightning

•Satoshi created a monetary system that cannot be captured.

•Vitalik has misunderstood Proof of Work and committed to Proof of Stake in 2016. 18/

•Satoshi is like Prometheus in the sense that he stole money out of the Central Powers and gave it back to the people in the market.

•There is no incentive to spend Bitcoin in day-to-day life and there is also a tax headache. 19/

•Until there is an actual need to use the chain more we're not going to see fees in Bitcoin. 20/

Bitcoin & energy symbiosis; early adopters

•Bitcoin Mining is the catalyst that leads us to energy abundance.

•People are getting creative in building new ways to harness energy to mine Bitcoin. 21/

•Desalination of seawater to get fresh water if done in a higher capacity will be a positive return on investment.

•Nayib Bukele could be seen as a visionary in 20 years. 22/

•Countries adopting Bitcoin mining have this flywheel of incentives that lead to more energy locally, cheaper Goods, and less reliance on other countries which could lead to a better quality of life. 23/

•Bitcoin could help raise the standard of the lowest socioeconomic class. 24/

From megacities to parallel societies

•The theory of parallel societies is based on the idea that humans could leave cities to move to a place with a nuclear reactor to mine Bitcoin. 25/

•We are going to see the peak of centralization and the parallel societies will preserve the spark of freedom. 26/

Bitcoin’s moral imperative

•Individuals can save themselves by storing money outside the system.

•Every human on the planet can be united under one economic language.

•Give people some energy and some Bitcoin to make them flourish in this world. 27/

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