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Just Another Day In The Decentralized ‘Box Of Frenzy’ – The Flurry Of Correction

just another day in the bunk a** rigged binance futures crypto market

literally comical

no volume yet CZ's bots are working OT baby


@KoreanBotNo185 @Criptoken1 @Sunshin41162297 @briandordevic @JSm1th__ @ey_pablo @PARAfeigenbaum @BangerOffice @noFUlyo

his wash trading bots

they gonna send it to 19K here real soon right Linda sunshine?

he's gotta be careful

alot of money on the line


go ahead and send it already @cz_binance


Don't be a scrooge


lol all binance futures

literally all wash trading binance futures bots

@Rocinante2D @RichardHeartWin

worthless effin binancen futures lol

he's waiting for new york wallstreet cuks to close out the day

then his chinese cronies steppin in

so they'll send it hong kong 6PM

@Zeiein @Sunshin41162297 @ey_pablo @Criptoken1

he's gonna send it now.. reading my tweet lol

literally it's sittin on a plate ready for 19.2

he's keepin it down

should fly any miinute..


here we go @noFUlyo and @Criptoken1

full send commence!!


send that shyt

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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