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Bitcoin News in Review: $745 Million, BTC Withdrawals, Argentina, and More

Merry Christmas, Crypto Twitter.πŸŽ„πŸŽ‰

Here's your weekly web3 wrap-up:

- Brazil legalizes crypto payments - 745 million BTC withdrawal - Buenos Aires to tax crypto mining

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1/ A bill to legalise and regulate BTC and other cryptos as a form of payment in Brazil has been signed by President Jair Bolsonaro.

2/ In the last 30 days, 44,444 Bitcoin

have been taken off exchanges amid frauds and the demise of major crypto enterprises.

This withdrawal of BTC amounts to 745 million!

3/ In 2023, Buenos Aires will start taxing Crypto mining.

A new amendment to the taxation system would make cryptocurrency mining taxable at 4% of the income derived from these businesses.

4/ Bankman-Fried's first appearance before a US judge was on Thursday, and he secured a bail deal.

He will undergo trial on criminal fraud charges & his bail is set at 250 million.

5/ Visa released a paper outlining how it's exploring ways to collaborate with Ethereum on auto payments.

According to it, Ethereum users can schedule auto-payments from self-custodial crypto wallets with Visa's assistance.

Which news will make the most impact on the Crypto space?

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