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Richard is Right Again – He’s Perfect for P2P Bitcoin

1) Richard was right about HEX being able to do 10.000 X within 2 years

Gave away 500M in FREE BTC at ATH

Called the BTC top in 2019, saying bottom would be 11k

But he's a scammer when he says PulseChain CAN do 14.000x?

2) All I see is that Richard is one of the last ones left in this space as a non-snake person and founder. EVERYONE else rugged their communities or had some "hacking incident" all of a sudden

3) Potentially having the solution to stop these billion dollar problems from happening again via his OWN secure layer 1 blockchain (PLS) and a integrated DEX (PLSX) with a buy&burn function which makes the supply deflationary is not Richard being a scammer

4) That's maybe him understanding money and technology more than the average person does - which can make them angry or jealous because he challenges their wisdom

5) With that being said i'll always stand by the person that tells the truth like it is. In this case it's Richard and he's doing great - because he's right all the time. I don't care what anyone says; he definitely proved himself in 2022

2023 might just be the year of complete jealousy as he’s probably right again ☺️

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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