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As a Day Trader’s Day Trader Don’t Care About The Price Of Assets

As a day trader, I don't give a shit about what asset I am trading. Right now I only trade BTC because that's where most of the new people started due to the hype of 100k predictions.

But I honestly wouldn't lay awake at night if crypto would cease to exist.

As a trader, you shouldn't focus on the price of the asset.

You need to focus on a plan where you move with the price from point A to B.

All these influencers and others are throwing tweets out of price reaching 10k, 12, 14k, 25k, and so on, whilst I don't care.

Yes, I have plans at said price points, but as I mentioned, you trade from point A to point B. Price is irrelevant.

If point B would be 0 I can easily make the switch to FX or stocks because I have been taught a strategy that is universal.

Again, the price is irrelevant. Money is available in abundance because it keeps getting printed.

So, if you want to start trading on a daily basis.. Remember this:

- Price of assets is irrelevant - Learn a universal strategy that works on all markets - Focus on trading from point A to B. Not from price to price.

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