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Gem Brace Against “Everything!”

(1) I'm a big fan of @mcuban but in this interview below, you don't know what the F**K you're talking about😂😆At all. Hedge against nothing? My gold is up 1% in the last 12 months and my BTC down 65%. Wish I was "dumb as S**t" more aggressively lol

Mark Cuban’s bold statement about Bitcoin and Gold investors

(2) 30-year treasuries down -20%, large cap tech down -33%, and I marked down my venture portfolio -45%. And what about cash?? Gold is an inverse mirror to fiat currencies, and I hope you're not naive enough to think you made 3% in the bank? Nominally perhaps, which is useless!

(3) USD lost approx 9% via the BS CPI yet most goods/services are up much closer to 20%. It takes 50X the USD to buy the same 1 Oz og GOLD over 50 years (since Nixon). Gold is the perfect hedge against gov't incompetence/fiat debasement. "You don't own it physically" say what?!

(4) I sure do, I'm rubbing a 1 kilo bar on my ball right now! 😆 It even feels better than cash lol. Lastly, by your logic of discounting owning a digital rep like an ETF etc., then BTC is trash too because we never "physically" own anything digital!

(5) it's in the online ether so our cold storage doesn't mean much with no WiFi or power. I would love to discuss more with you on my podcast (Phenom Series). Game? it's an important topic no doubt! Now excuse me while I go buy 3X more BTC vs 1 year ago by selling some gold :)

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