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Zhejiang’s $28,7 Billion Cryptoverse Strategy Aims to Set a Market by 2025

The Chinese province of Zhejiang has unveiled a 28,7 billion metaverse strategy that aims to establish a metaverse industry by 2025.

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The construction plans are anticipated to begin this year, with the final installments scheduled for 2025. The province is already developing a full supply chain and business ecosystem and hopes to grow the e-commerce and entertainment aspects of the metaverse.

The province lists various actions that will be required to achieve its goals, including the preparation of 10 industry leaders and 50 firms to participate in several major metaverse technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

These technologies will be used to integrate companies involved in product manufacturing, industrial design, and other fields. Several government agencies, including the Cyber Security Administration, are said to be involved in the plan.

The western province becomes the latest Chinese region to expand initiatives for a metaverse industry.

Source: Bitcoin com News; Watcher Guru Photo: Vicky T

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