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Exclusive: 7 Reasons Why Bitcoin Community Should Embrace the Crypto Community

1/7: I want to take a moment to thank these amazing communities within the cryptocurrency space that have had a huge impact on my journey 2022. 🧵 BTC ETH AVAX


2/7: First, I want to thank the Bitcoin community. This community has shown an incredible level of resilience and dedication to the principles of decentralization and sound money. Their unwavering commitment to these values has inspired me to stay engaged and continue learning.

3/7: Next, I want to thank the Ethereum community. The Ethereum ecosystem is full of innovative projects and passionate developers working towards a decentralized future. The creativity and energy of this community never ceases to amaze me.

4/7: I also want to thank the @ShogunGeishas community. This group is dedicated to the promotion and development of the Shogun Geishas NFT project, which combines traditional art with blockchain technology. The passion and creativity of this community is truly inspiring.

5/7: The @mummyftm community has also had a big impact on me. This group is dedicated to the development and promotion of the @mummyftm protocol, a new perpetual dex on Fantom. The members of this community are always eager to help others learn about DeFi and get involved.

6/7: I also want to thank the various discord groups that exist within the crypto space. These groups bring together individuals who share a passion for crypto and blockchain technology. Thanks to all the members and moderators who contribute to these communities.

7/7: Finally, I want to thank the entire CT community. The amount of knowledge and support that can be found on this platform is truly remarkable. From discussions about the latest projects and developments, to helping others navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency.

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