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Bitcoin Dominance Will Start When BTC Reach 50-54% of Dominance When It’s ‘Coinco’

Bitcoin Dominance

I expect the next altseason to start when BTC dominance will reach 50-54%.


All you know and like the time when altcoins make +50-100% or more profit just in 1-2 weeks. Most of traders enjoy this time.

Dominance is a key thing that helps us to identify such periods (altseasons) and buy alts in time.

🚩 Dominance or BTC.D is the ratio between the total value of all Bitcoins to the total value of the crypto market ( Bitcoin + altcoins). Altcoins start ti griw when it falls.

📊THE TWO MAIN REASONS OF ALTSEASON: 1. BTC cap outflow and its inflow in altcoins. 2. huge money inflow in altcoins during periods of "greed", when crypto market makes new ATH or BTC is at the last stage of a bull market (parabolic growth).

BTC dominance falls in both cases.

📊 WHEN WILL THE NEXT ALTSEASON START? Friends, as you can see on the chart, the altseason begin when the BTC dominance falls. Now we should expect the next atseason when BTC reaches 50-54% of dominance.

✅ The altcoins start PUMP during this dominance fall as was shown at 1 and 2 cases.

Friends, I will publish a list and trading setups of the best altcoins when that time comes. Let me know which altcoin I should pay attention to. Write it's ticker in the comments.

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This post is based on this twitter thread.


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