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Price Analysis: Hodl Strong

1/ The relative strength of BTC & Eth is extraordinary. In March 2020 BTC was 3K & Eth was 80. How does this compare to major blue chip stocks?

2/ Amazon is same price now as it was then.

3/ META was 137 and now 120.

4/ They are all like this. Meanwhile BTC and ETH investors are up 12x and 6x respectively, after an 80% decline. And after major fraud, theft, and conversion by the biggest players in industry. What would Amazon price be if Fidelity or BlackRock blew up?

5/ This is happening because you are part of the most elite group of diamond handed hodlers in the world. As the world burns, we hodl. Appreciate that you are part of this and never underestimate where this is going. Hodl strong my brothers and sisters. We are built different. 🚀

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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