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10 Financial Institutions Accepting Digital Assets

👀 What are the top 10 Financial Institutions embracing DigitalAssets ? 👀

📖 Here is an exclusive curated master list by us @Cassiopeia_ltd

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1) @MorganStanley is the 1st US bank to offer its wealth management clients to access Bitcoin assets. Around March'21 bank launched access to 3 funds that enable owners of BTC but MorganStanley is only allowing its wealthier clients access to such a volatile asset.

2) @GoldmanSachs hasn't always been on board with crypto. It denied considering cryptocurrencies as asset class but reconsidered its decision. Its report discussed potential of digital currencies as institutional asset class by talking to several experts in crypto & finance

3) @BNYMellon On BNY’s Fireblock is a platform that allows financial institutions to issue, move & store cryptocurrencies. Banks hv been investing in crypto custody domain or services under which companies look after their clients’ digital assets for a certain amount of fee

4) @CommBank According to figures, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia pumped an estimated 421 million across four different crypto and blockchain firms. This included investments in blockchain banking startup, Lygon and crypto exchange @Gemini

5) @Citi is the fourth-largest bank in the US by assets has invested in SETL, whose ledger technology is used to move cash and other assets. The bank has provided a blueprint for organizations that are considering adopting cryptocurrency payments

6) @Barclays is not any ordinary bank, it is one of the best banks in terms of investment, that has exposed cryptocurrencies and their potential. @BarclaysUK">@BarclaysUK believes that Bitcoin has high potential in providing benefits from dispersion and extreme volatility.

7) @StanChart Investments at the bank include blockchain network Ripple. XRP is currently one of the top cryptocurrencies in the market. The bank acknowledges the way cryptocurrencies have created a new ecosystem that cannot be replaced by fiat currencies.

8) @BNPParibas is a French financial group that owns its own crypto startup known as @CurveFinance The institution’s securities services are currently experimenting with transfer of security tokens, taking a step forward to provide custodial services for digital assets.

9) @UBS is making great strides with private stablecoins. UBS’ financial institutions @santanderuk , @LloydsBank hv developed utility tokens for cross-border transactions. UBS aims to provide verified and legal means to invest in the crypto asset class.

10) @WellsFargo stated that it would establish a regular fund for extra wealth for clients. Its investment research team also mentioned that only qualified investors will be subjected to the treatment due to the risk associated with digital currencies.

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