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I Want to Go All in 2018, But That Doesn’t Mean Bitcoin Will Change Forever

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➖ In the next 2-3 weeks, altcoins may drop another 15% - 25%. This is the psychological maneuver by which weak hands will sell. Too much negativity has gathered around crypto.

Fud left and right, M. Saylor sells BTC, but doesn't say how much profit he made before, "influencers" expect ₿ at 10k - 12k, mining companies go bankrupt, funds go bankrupt, news "experts" economic urges to run as far away from BTC and crypto as possible.

➖ I don't know about you, but I bought altcoins in the last months and I still have 30% USDC. XCH, APT, DOT, ATOM, FLOW, MINA, MOB, IMX, ASTR, COMP - wallet base. I plan to go all in or at least with another 50% of USDC if the altcoins continue to drop.

Right now my wallet is minus 20% compared to what it was at the end of the bull market, but I own 10 times more altcoins than I had in 2021. What will be the state of those who have minus 80-90- 95-100% of the wallet and they were waiting for BTC at 100k and SOL at 500+❓

🤪 The world is gripped by fear and most of them really don't buy because they expect even less. They have no chance of profit (they want to buy at the lowest price and sell at the highest values), because the train will at some point leave without them.

➖ In the first part of the year I expect to see growth in the market. The FED and Jerome Powell could be the reason given by the manipulators to raise the prices. Who will mess up the market makers to bring the FLOW to 3⁉️

No one, because 90% - 95% of those who own the coins are stuck at 5+ levels and will not exert selling pressure and others simply sold already in great damage. That's right, as one of the examples. 😉 We certainly won't see last year's profits, but 3-6x should still be there.

➖ A lot of people will be fooled by this rise and will be sure that the low was in 2022 and that we are heading for a new ATH. When they are convinced of this, they will go all in, and that is exactly what the manipulators are waiting for.

➖ In the second part of the year (autumn - winter), maybe even in the first months of 2024, I think the capitulation will take place. At the most unexpected moment, when only positive news with the hashtag tothemoon appears everywhere, BTC will drop 60% - 70%.

I'm not even talking about altcoins anymore. 🌡 Reasons: FED, Recession, SEC, regulations... "black swan".

➖Opinion: At the moment, the capitulation could send BTC even towards 6k - 7k, for a few hours, 1-2 days, but if it trades below 7k for a few weeks,

I think BTC won't it will still be the primary tool of the manipulators and it will be even more risky to accumulate BTC instead of ETH or some other fundamental altcoins.

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